Gum Grafting

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Gum Grafting

The gums around your teeth as are important to your dental health, and your overall health, as your teeth are. The first step in keeping your gums healthy happens when you brush your teeth every day, the tooth brush gently massages your gums, which stimulates circulation, and it removes bacteria that can inflame the gums.

If your gums begin to recede, or there is heavy tartar build-up, you may need a cleaning and deep scaling to help keep them healthy.

But when your gums recede beyond where a cleaning and deep scaling will help, you might need to consider gum grafting.

Gum grafting repairs the damaged area of your gums and helps to prevent additional infection. In a gum grafting procedure, your dentist will take healthy tissue and graft it over the area where the root of a tooth has been exposed due to receding gums.

Gum grafts can make your teeth less sensitive to heat and cold, and protect your tooth’s root from infection. The dentists here at My Dental Care in Lindsay, Ontario, can advise you if gum grafting will help improve the health of your gums.

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