Dental Bridges & Crowns

myDentalcare offers high quality dental bridges and crowns for patients that require them.

Dental Bridges & Crowns

If your natural tooth is damaged due to an injury or decay, your dentist might recommend that a dental bridge or crown be placed over it to give it the strength it needs to function normally and to make it look like a complete tooth.

A bridge is used to add a crown where a tooth is missing entirely. A bridge is actually a series of three or more crowns in a row. The two outside crowns in the series are placed over healthy teeth that are on either side of the missing tooth. The middle crown in the series replaces the missing tooth.

If you have crowns and/or bridges or you are considering them, you need to remember one thing. They need as much regular care, including brushing and flossing, as your real teeth. Plaque and tartar can build up on crowns and bridges like they do on your regular teeth and they can cause gum disease.

The dentists here at My Dental Care on Lindsay, Ontario, would be happy to talk to you about whether crown and bridge work will help improve your smile and your health.

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