Dental Implants

Patients looking for professional dental implants can count on myDentalcare to bring them high-quality, natural looking results.

Dental Implants

If crowns, bridges, partial or complete dentures aren’t an option for you, dental implants are a great alternative to permanently replace one or more missing teeth.

An implant is an artificial root for a replacement tooth. Made of titanium, implants are set into your jawbone, just like the natural root of a tooth. Once the implant is securely in place, an artificial tooth, similar to a crown, can be attached to it. Implants can also be used to attach a bridge in your teeth.

Being set right into the bone means implants are reliably strong, stable and durable. Unlike conventional bridges, they do not need to rely on surrounding teeth for support as they can stay in place entirely on their own.

After being inserted into the jawbone, the bone and gum grow around and bond with the implant to further strengthen it. Your teeth and general health need to be in good shape for implants to be an option for you. Talk to the dentists here at My Dental Care in Lindsay, Ontario, to find out if you can use dental implants.

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