What to Expect in a Root Canal Procedure

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What to Expect in a Root Canal Procedure

While we told you before about what is a root canal treatment, we didn’t really talk to you about what to expect if you need a root canal procedure.

As we mentioned in the previous post, root canal treatments are one of the least understood dental procedures. No matter how well we explain what it is, you might still have some concern about what you experience during a root canal procedure.

Who Performs a Root Canal Procedure?

For adults, root canal treatments may be done by your dentist, or your dentist may send you to an endodontist who specializes in the treatment of dental pulp or the nerves in teeth.

If a child’s primary, or baby tooth, need a root canal treatment, the dentist may refer him or her to a pediatric dentist.

Sometimes the endodontist may perform the procedure in your dentist’s office.

What Happens During a Root Canal Procedure

1. The Area Being Treated is Numbed

You will get a local anesthetic (freezing) in the area that needs treatment. If you prefer another form of anesthetic, like sedation with nitrous oxide, you can discuss that with your dentist when the root canal procedure is scheduled.

2. The Tooth is Protected from Infection

The affected tooth can be exposed to infection from the saliva in your mouth. Rubber dams are used to prevent saliva from reaching the tooth.

3. An Opening is Made in Your Tooth

The opening is needed to get to the damaged root canal and pulp.

4. The Pulp is Removed

The dentist will extract the damaged pulp of the tooth.

5. The Root Canal is Cleaned and Expanded

With the pulp gone, the root canal is thoroughly cleaned and enlarged to help prevent any further infection.

6. The Canal is Filled and Sealed

Once the root canal is completely cleaned, the dentist fills it to prevent anything from getting into the canal.

7. The Tooth Opening Closed

Once the canal is filled, the dentist seals the original opening.

Your root canal procedure may happen in one or two visits to the dentist or endodontist. While your tooth may be sensitive for a week or two after, you should not experience bad pain or swelling. If you would like to learn more about a root canal procedure, contact us at My Dental Care.