Why You Might Need a Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

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Why You Might Need a Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

Just their name gives you a clue about why wisdom teeth removal is so common. They are called wisdom teeth because they grow in much later than the other teeth in your mouth. While your other permanent teeth all grow in by the time you’re in your early teens, your wisdom teeth don’t usually appear until your late teens or early 20s.

That late arrival often means wisdom teeth have problems emerging because there is not enough room for them in your mouth. Your other permanent teeth have had the extra space for a long time and they can shift to take up some of the space that your wisdom teeth try to occupy.

Problems That Can Lead to Wisdom Teeth Removal

Among others, here are just a few of the problems that can happen when wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to properly emerge. Any of these problems can mean you’ll need to have your wisdom teeth removed.

1. They Have Misaligned Growth

Without the room they need to grow straight up, your wisdom teeth can grow in on a variety of angles, including even horizontally.

2. They Do Not Emerge

Your wisdom teeth can actually grow entirely within your gums, become trapped and never be able to emerge. This can lead to infection, cysts or damage to other teeth in your mouth.

3. They Only Grow In Partially

Even when they manage to find some space to grow, your wisdom teeth might never fully emerge. Their location at the very back of your mouth makes the area where wisdom teeth grow very difficult to keep clean. When they do not grow in fully, the spaces that result can give bacteria places to grow, which increases the chances of gum disease and infection.

4. They Affect Nearby Teeth

Whether your wisdom teeth grow in or not, they can still push against and/or damage nearby teeth, and potentially affect the proper alignment of your other teeth.

You may not need wisdom teeth removal if they grow in healthily, are positioned properly so they don’t affect your bite and can be kept clean through normal daily dental hygiene.

If you suspect your wisdom teeth are about to appear or if they’re already causing you discomfort or pain, contact us at My Dental Care.